• Furqaan Ahmed

How to create a good physique at home (without equipment).

If you want to have a good physique without going to the gym here is how you can have it. Today I am going to tell you some best body weight exercises which will shape your body and you will not need any equipment to do it.

1) Push ups- Although the push up garners most of its fame for working the upper body, this classic exercise actually engages unexpected muscles, from the abdominal core to the lower back. The push up chiefly targets the chest, shoulders and triceps, the muscles on the back of the upper arm. If you want have a good chest and a broader back this exercise is the best body weight exercise for it.

2) Pull ups- Pull-ups are one of the best resistance exercises you can do. The primary muscle used to do a pull-up is the latissimus dorsi (lat). There are a handful of secondary muscles used in the pull-up, all of which are in the arms. What comes as a surprise to many is that not only is the biceps a stabilizer muscle in the pull-up, but so are the triceps. The bigger surprise to many is that the triceps are also involved.

3) Chin ups- Chin-ups are one of the toughest body weight exercises you can do. You're lifting all of your weight up to the bar using only the muscles of your back, chest, arms and even abs. A proper chin-up is one of the best upper body exercises because it works so many different muscles at the same time. Your biceps are a major contributor to the chin-up. The pectoralis major, or chest muscle, is also used in the chin-up. Your rectus abdominis, the ab muscle that creates the "six-pack," is also active in the chin-up. While you're hanging in the air, struggling to lift yourself over the bar, your abs keep your body in a straight line.

4) Body weight squats- The primary muscle group affected by the squat is the quadriceps group, the big extensors in the front (and side) of the thigh. So its the best exercise for your thighs and its also known as the 'king of exercises' as you do it keep increasing the reps for greater results.

So these were some of the best body weight exercises that you can do to get ripped. you need to do them daily with 1 day gap in a week to get good results and don't forget your diet plays a major role in your body transformation. So take a healthy diet and get in shape.

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